Tuesday, February 15, 2011

"Come What May...And Love it!"

     I can't believe 2011 is already here! Where did the time fly? Isn't the world suppose to be ending next year in 2012?? haha... 2010 was definitely a crazy one. It sure had it's ups and downs! 

     After Tyler lost his job from Adobe Juvenile Correction Center he went to school and got his EMT while looking for another job. Unfortunately he was unable to use it because he took the first job opportunity that came along, which happened to be a Bank Teller at Desert Schools. He has learned two things from this job so far...one, how to save better and the many different ways you can invest your money (which is a plus!)...and two, that he HATES being a Bank Teller haha. Tyler definitely needs a job that will get him up and doing something with some action! 

     Then in August I found out that I was pregnant. We were very excited! It was total luck, we weren't necessarily planning it. However, when I was 11 weeks along I miscarried. That was really hard for both of us. The good thing is though, I know now that I can have kids! =) I have wondered about that in the past, so now I'm glad I don't have to worry. So for now it will just be Tyler and I and our little puppy! 

     Thanksgiving was really fun! We were able to get together with Tyler's family over at his parent's house. The WHOLE family came so it was a blast! I was able to meet some cousins that I had not yet met! =)

     Christmas was also very exciting!! Tyler was an awesome Santa this year...meaning I got everything I asked for and more! Too many presents actually haha, but it was fun! My family was able to come visit the week after Christmas!! I LOVED having them stay at my house! My grandparents also came down. It was nice being able to see them. It's not very often that I get to see my family in Utah. Unfortunately it stormed here the whole time they were visiting, so that wasn't very fun. New Year's Eve was AMAZING though because my brother, who is serving his mission here in Mesa, was performing that night along with all the missionaries in his mission and we were all able to go watch him!! They did such a beautiful job singing!

     Now onto 2011...a week ago my boss at my Physical Therapy job told me he would have to let me go for the time being because they are just too slow and can't afford all the bills right now. So sadly I had to leave. It was really hard not just because I lost my job, but because they were like a second family to me. The good thing is that I have a second job. I do taxes for people. Luckily my other job found enough hours for me to still be full-time, but they don't have insurance. So let's hope that I don't get sick or in an accident or something! The really bad news though, is the same day I found out about my job laying me off, Tyler's job notified him that in March they were going to be laying people off also. So next month he will lose his job. 

     This brings me to the title of my post..."Come what may...and love it." It seems that hard times never stop coming, and yes I know they never will. It all depends on how we look at things, how we react to the horrible things happening around us. I know everything will work out even if I can't see the light at the other end of the tunnel yet.  What ever comes my way I will learn to love. Then I will always have a happy wonderful life no matter what! Love you all!

~ As long as we have each other. ~

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Alright...so I haven't been on for a while!!

Here's the update... =D
October: I turned 21!! YAY!!! =P nothing exciting really happened...Didn't go out partying or gambling haha.

November: My brother's farewell!! I'm so proud of Nate. He was called to the Mesa, AZ mission (Spanish speaking). Funny I know...I live here. It's cool though having him so "close". He has been here about a month and so far loves it!! He has grown in leaps and bounds!! I'm so thankful for him choosing to go on a mission. His decision has strengthened my testimony!! Here is just a little section of one of his letters..."I want to give you the same challenge as I gave the others and Everyone! Read and Pray each day as a family about the Book of Mormon. Through that book I have seen miracles! It is never bad or a waste of time to re-confirm our testimony about the Book of Mormon. Through it I PROMISE you, it WILL help you out in the struggles you are going through right now!" Powerful. I love reading his letters. Each one is filled with the spirit! He will be an amazing missionary =D!!

December: I got a new little puppy!! YAY! She is so so cute. Her name is Missy, she's a Dachshund and about 4 months old now (6 wks when we got her). She has quite the little personality, definitely a mamma's girl hahaha. Had a wonderful Christmas...
January: Well right as it turned midnight on News Years Eve...Tyler's job told him they were laying him off. With the way the economy is right now, AZ had to cut there budget and let go about 100 people in security. He hadn't been working there that long so he got laid-off. It's been two months now and still no work. No one is hiring right now, it's really hard for people to find jobs even if they have a degree of some kind. So we pulled out our retirement early (bad I know) and used it for him to take some school classes. He is currently working on his EMT. He wants to be a paramedic, but ultimately a firefighter! So we're excited for him to finish. That will be a good career. Also in January, I quit working as a manager at McDonald's and now I currently have two jobs. Every other day I do taxes for Jackson Hewitt and then the other days I am a tech at a Physical Therapy office. I love my new jobs! Right now I only have Sundays off and I work about 55-60 hours a week to pay for all the bills until Tyler finds work. So yes I am very busy! Hence the reason I never update my blog or facebook haha.

February: Little Missy was running in through the sliding door from the backyard and caught her foot on the lip of the door and broke her little toe! =( So she currently has a huge cast on! It really does look very funny, sad, but funny...

...and right now I just keep busy working and Tyler is still trying to find a job. So if ya hear of any openings let us know! Hope everyone is having a wonderful year so far!!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Who Loves Marshmallows??

...Four year olds do!!! This is for all you Primary Teachers out there who teach young children. It works amazingly!!! If you have any trouble at all keeping their attention during the lesson or "trying" to keep them quiet...PLEASE read on...

So what you do is, first, get enough clear plastic cups, one for each child. Then write each of their names on their cup. Visibly so that the child can clearly see which cup is theirs. Line the cups up on the table in front of the class. Begin teaching. Simple right? =)

As the children behave by sitting quietly, answering questions, reading along (depending on how old they are), drop a marshmallow in their cup. Believe me, after a couple children receive their "treat", the rest of them will be good the rest of the time. They start to realize how to get their treat and when they act reverently and participate, they see instant gratification. Works much better than the traditional, "If you behave we'll have treats after class." I know I have tried using this, works for about two minutes until they lose focus again. This way, they can see the direct results from their actions! Of course you don't have to use marshmallows, but we found it works well and not as much sugar...so the kids won't get so hyper like regular candy. I hope this helps and good luck!

I LOVE kids!! =D

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

painting, painting, and MORE PAINTING!!

We keep very busy!!

I can't wait until it's all done! It will look so nice!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Beautiful Sunbeams

Tyler and I recently got called to be team-teachers for the Sunbeams! I love kids!! We have a total of ten little 3-4 yr olds. They are definitely a hand full. The first Sunday (last week) was insane. We were in charge of keeping these "monsters" quiet and reverent in primary, but they didn't give us a roster or anything!! You try telling someone to sit still when you don't even know their name! It was quite a challenge. However, I love every minute of it. Tyler, on the other hand =)...said, "We are NOT having kids for a while!" Haha he's so funny, watching him learn patience with ten 3 yr olds. We'll be good and practiced for our own someday!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Summer 2009!!

WOW!! This summer has been crazy! We just bought our first house!! YAY =)...So lately we've been busy painting. We work so much that I don't even have one whole room painted yet...oops hehe. It's going to be a LONG process!

I finally got a new car! ...well truck ;). It's a Toyota Tacoma, year 2000. I love it! It has air-conditioning!! (My other car didn't. You try living in AZ at 115F and no a/c) And it's not duck-taped!! WAHOO!! haha...Tyler and I took a trip to Las Vegas this January and the top of the convertible blew off! So we had to tape it! Talk about ghetto! haha

We also went on vacation this summer to UT to see mi familia!! I LOVE and MISS them a lot! It was loads of fun! We stayed a week in Park City at our Westgate resort. We also took Tyler to Lagoon for his first time ;).